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Designed with your needs in mind

Adaptable. Modular and customizable, RooMeez pods and accessories can be moved, changed, and rearranged with ever-changing styles and needs. RooMeez grow with you and your family so they last for a lifetime.

Creative. With options ranging from cute and fun, to modern and elegant, RooMeez are perfect for the needs of kids and adults alike. With RooMeez dual-sided fronts featuring different colors, you can simply flip them around to create a new look.

Versatile. Use RooMeez for an organizational system, a play unit, and more. The modular pods and accessories provide limitless choices so you can create an endless array of solutions. To keep your RooMeez organized, you can choose from plastic bins of varying sizes.

Customizable. Unlike other storage systems, RooMeez front doors can be engraved with letters to create names, initials, and words like "Toys" or "Play" to give a personal touch to your rooms - and encourage children and teens to keep their spaces organized.

Eco-friendly. RooMeez are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®. This independent, third-party certification ensures that when you buy RooMeez, you are getting a product that contributes to a healthier indoor environment. These products are regularly and rigorously tested, so you can breathe easy - literally.

Guaranteed and made in the USA. To ensure total satisfaction, RooMeez is backed by a steadfast warranty.

Safe and built to last. The entire line is handcrafted using quality light-toned Baltic Birch and comes with a U/V Acrylic finish with an excellent track record of withstanding the rigors of the classroom. Strong enough to stand the busiest of classrooms - you can be assured your RooMeez system will be tough enough for you!