Introducing RooMeez® from Jonti-Craft, a modern storage solution for all of today's organization needs.


Featuring a complete line of modular pods and accessories, RooMeez® storage systems allow you to tackle tough jobs, like children's rooms and play areas, with ease and style.


Offering modern and elegant design options for adults, RooMeez® can help clean up bedroom clutter, manage messy cell phones chargers and chords, and organize your sleep area for a better night's rest.


RooMeez® can help you conquer any storage challenge. With endless customizable options, you can create anything from a handy kids kitchen set to an integrated closet system that helps keep bulky winter coats off of the floor.


See RooMeez® in action and get ideas and suggestions on collections of your own! See our videos and to learn more about the RooMee® collections.